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The Perfect Wealth and Tax Structure for Property Investors

Learn my secret method to securing FIVE TIMES more home loan finance than you qualify for in your personal name, without changing anything!
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Just a 10 second clip from a video can change your life forever, like it did for Tebogo.
Building the income, wealth and life that you want can seem hard, but it doesn't have to be. You need access to the right information at the right time and from the right place to guide you on the exact next steps to take to level up your portfolio, wealth and life.

And there is a lot of noise out there, noise that can only confuses you more and cause you to not take action.

Leverage the expertise and experience from Anton Breytenbach who has built a multi million rand property empire from scratch in only a short space of a few years plus learn from the community and industry professionals who have walked the same path to success.

Now you have a video based learning platform that you can access from any device and learn the best real life property investment strategies, skills, tactics and steps to implement and explode your property investment success, whether you are starting off, have an existing portfolio or want to step into the next segment of growth.

Property is the best route to short term, medium and long term financial wealth if you know how to and giving you freedom of choice to control your life.
Who is the University for?
When you have a blank canvas, you are in the perfect position to become a highly successful investor, by learning to start right.
If you have a few properties, chances are that through minor tweaks you can exponentially grow your portfolio with a key strategy.
I can relate. Learn how to focus on bulk deals, decrease your tax to below 12% and gear your local portfolio to move capital offshore.
High Impact Online Videos
No accredited training can give you this amount of insight.
  • Where to start? I wish I could have a platform in schools to explain why you should first buy investment property before buying and financing a primary home. This is why I was invited to facilitate the Property Investment University Societies at all 49 private university campuses nationally. If you have a bonded primary home, I'll show you what to do (without selling) to get the bond exposure out of your name and create a clean canvas for property investment.
  • ​​How and where to find good deals? Good deals are not available on the open market and you will surely not find them on the usual property portals. Also, you want deals to come to you, otherwise you will get stuck in the 100/10/3/1 rule (view 100 properties, zoom in on 10, put offers in on 3 and 1 gets accepted). So if it takes only 2 hours to view and assess a property, it will take you 200 hours to make 1 good investment, if you don't have this knowledge.
  • ​How to make a good deal? A key skill as a property investor is knowing how to make a good deal by buying a property where value can be unlocked, thus spotting an opportunity, which is the single fastest way to grow your property wealth. In other words, you don't find a good deal, you make a good deal. 
  • ​​Where are the investment hot spots? Did you know that the Northern Cape property market is growing by over 20% per year? Did you know that Cape Town Central is the worst place to invest in right now, but that there's a hot spot 10km away?
  • ​What are best property investment opportunities in South Africa? The way that we live, work, play and learn is changing and irrespective of the political and economic landscape, South Africa has a massive shortage of property in certain market segments.
  • ​​Should I invest in South Africa right now? I compare South Africa's market to other offshore jurisdictions and show you the best formula for investing both locally and internationally. You will be surprised by the unfair advantage of this model.
  • ​How to secure 5 times more property finance than you qualify for in your personal name. This is the biggest secret of Tycoon investors that they won't share. I explain this step-by-step as I have been following this model for over 6 years now. Legally.
  • How to double your property finance availability every 5 years. Knowing how banks view holding companies, trading companies, sureties and principal debtors is key to understanding how easily you can double your property portfolio every 5 years using OPM.
  • The ​15 different ways to secure property finance. Only 2 of them are through using the banks. A lack of access to funding should never kill a good deal and equipped with this knowledge, it will be the smallest challenge you will ever face.
  • ​​How to repay your property finance in 10 years or less? Only by understanding how property finance works and how to manage it, can you repay your bond faster without paying xtra. Learn how by just changing your debit order date you can save 3 years.
  • ​​How do the banks look at current and future rental income? Yes, you can use future rental income to increase your bond qualification amount.
  • ​​Why you should not invest for the 13sex tax benefit. Who benefits the most from this tax benefit and why you should never invest for this benefit alone. I wrote an article that I teach in this video.
  • ​​The best unknown way to get your personal income tax back by investing in certain types of properties. This is a much bigger tax incentive than 13sex and one that actually works. Learn how one of my clients fired his wife from his business so that he could increase his own salary to get more property finance.
  • ​Should I invest in my personal name, a company or trust? A question I receive every day. I show you the perfect wealth and tax structure that caters for any type of property investment to pay as little as possible tax, secure as much as possible finance, protect your assets against risk, reduce your estate costs during life and at death and leave a 40% larger legacy, just with this structure. serving as the foundation of your property business.
  • ​​How to move properties between different entities tax free. If you are serious about scaling your portfolio, it's key to move and hold your properties in the correct vehicles. There are 3 ways to structure the move tax free (no transfer duty or CGT payable).
  • Why property investment will always beat crypto currencies, listed shares and other investments. I explain the power of leveraging using property, the concept that has created the most property multi millionaires in the world.
  • ​​The difference between a bond and property finance. And why you should always register a higher bond than your purchase price.
  • And so much more...
Sneak Peak Inside
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Should you invest in property in South Africa right now?
This video was recorded before the COVID-19 outbreak, when Moody's first downgraded us and I react to a post that I saw on facebook by someone saying it's all "doom and gloom". Here is why...
Tags -
Property Investment, Property Finance, Property Investment Strategies, OPM
What You Will Learn
Investing in property is so much more than buying a residential property off plan for retirement.
  • Residential (most investors start with sectional title apartments or free standing homes and making good choices sets your portfolio up for profitability success).
  • ​Commercial (the value of a commercial property is directly linked to it's income generation level or income yield).
  • ​Leisure (learn the secret of getting your personal tax back when you invest in leisure properties, including AirBnB).
  • ​Mixed Use (the way we live, work. learn and play is changing and knowing the trends is a key skill required to be successful).
  • ​Student Accommodation (One of the biggest opportunities. I'm building a student accommodation property fund right now).
  • Buy-to-let (long term and short term letting properties).
  • ​Back-to-back (learn how I did a back-to-back on a R50m hotel without any of my own money in the deal).
  • ​Renovate and Flip (you need time, capital and the skills to do these type of deals, but there is a faster and lower risk way).
  • New Developments (I'm developing a 400 apartment complex and 300 home estate at the moment, to mention a few).
  • ​Redevelopment (changing the use rights of a property including the spacial planning and densification unlocks new income).
  • ​Bulk Wholesaling (learn how I wholesaled a 44 apartment complex in 6 months and kept 10 units from the transaction).
  • Bank Finance (there are over 50 registered banks in South Africa).
  • ​Using OPM (other people's money) and letting the tenant pay them back, while you receive the full capital and income upside.
  • ​Partnerships (who said you only have to use your own money).
  • Rent-to-buy and Rent-to-Rent (plus other forms of seller finance).
  • ​Vanilla Finance (not all financiers look at the individuals repayment ability, but at the deal and it's profitability).
  • Private ​Investors (there is not a shortage of money out there, but a shortage of good investment opportunities and you can tap into this resource without having to jump through hoops).
  • ​Control (the core principle to exploding your portfolio, not necessarily buying a property, but getting control over it).
Meet Your Mentor
Anton Breytenbach
12 Years Investing and Developing Property
Over the past 12 years,  Anton has built his own property empire from scratch and founded the consulting firm Empire Wealth, that helps thousands of investors achieve their investment goals faster by using the same extreme strategies that he has mastered. Anton has also grown the Empire Wealth Property Group to own more than 20 independent brands in the industry and is an expert & leader in all fields of the market. He has now taken his knowledge online with the Property Investors University to expand his educational reach.
"It's not always easy to expose yourself publicly, but it's my obligation to teach what I have learnt to change the lives of others as well."
Some of Anton's Property Businesses
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Thank you so much. So helpful, this is changing lives and is what we all need!!!
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Please upload more videos. Your content is highly informative, we need more.
- Malibongwe
If only you knew how you just approved something I thought for years. Keep up what yo doing and honestly I will remember your name just because of that 10 sec advise.
-  Tebogo
I really like this. As most of us know the most online videos around investing in property are mostly American. Being a South African it is epic to watch something I can relate to ;)
- Brandon
Can't wait for the next video. This is so great and I'm glad glad glad I found this!
- Tshepo
I wish I came across this 10 years ago, I can't image how different my life would be. Thanks Anton you are a rockstar!
- Leon
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