Due to the lockdown in South Africa, subscription to the University is FREE FOR 30 DAYS for a limited time only! This is my contribution to fight the effects of Covid-19 on the economy and to equip you to be able to take this time to educate yourself substantially on property investment to start or grow your own portfolio! Now is the time to build additional income and we are going into the biggest buyers market of our time!

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Free Downloadable 5 Step Action Plan
The perfect resource for beginner-to-advanced property investors looking for cash flow positive properties
Have you ever felt like finding those elusive cash flow positive properties are like finding a needle in a haystack? 

The truth is, they are all around us and in every market, but you won’t find them browsing the usual online property portals. 


The best deals don’t get that far!

Learn the best way to find and buy cash flow positive properties fast!
Revealing All The Secrets That Other Investors Won't Tell You
Just a 10 second clip from a video can change your life forever, like it did for Tebogo.
Building the income, wealth and life that you want can seem hard, but it doesn't have to be. You need access to the right information at the right time and from the right place to guide you on the exact next steps to take to level up your portfolio, wealth and life.

And there is a lot of noise out there, noise that can only confuses you more and cause you to not take action.

Leverage the expertise and experience from Anton Breytenbach who has built a multi million rand property empire from scratch in only a short space of a few years plus learn from the community and industry professionals who have walked the same path to success.

Now you have a video based learning platform that you can access from any device and learn the best real life property investment strategies, skills, tactics and steps to implement and explode your property investment success, whether you are starting off, have an existing portfolio or want to step into the next segment of growth.

Property is the best route to short term, medium and long term financial wealth if you know how to and giving you freedom of choice to control your life.
Inside Of This Action Plan I Reveal Some Of The Best Kept Secrets That Other Investors Won't Dare Tell You!
  • Page 4: The number 1 principles to master as a property investor that gives you a MASSIVE unfair advantage by getting to deals first and removing all of your competition who are also looking for good deals.
  • Page 5: The easiest online tool to spot a property investment opportunity within minutes. 
  • Page 19: ​The 4 Income Strategies (and the 2 strategies that does not require you to buy and pay for the property).
  • Page 31: My secret method to structure a Rent-2-Buy strategy to do unlimited transactions and make millions on every deal. 
  • ​​Page 44: The best type of property to convert into student accommodation and generate a 40% gross income rental yield.
  • Page 50: The best market to invest in property (and the only one that grew throughout the 2018 economic recession).
  • Page 56: Who you should network with in an area to make deals come to you and without looking for them yourself.
  • Page 59: My secret process to assess an opportunity within 30 minutes and guarantee the results.
  • Page 62: How to run your numbers to ensure that you never lose money on a deal.
  • Page 64: The most important clause to include in your Offer To Purchase to ensure that you win every single negotiation.
  • ​​And so much more...
Meet Your Mentor
Anton Breytenbach
15 Years Investing In and Developing Property
Over the past 15 years,  Anton has built his own property empire from scratch and founded the consulting firm Empire Wealth, that helps thousands of investors achieve their investment goals faster by using the same extreme strategies that he has mastered. Anton has also grown the Empire Wealth Property Group to own more than 20 independent brands in the industry and is an expert & leader in all fields of the market. He has now taken his knowledge online with the Property Investors University to expand his educational reach.
"It's not always easy to expose yourself publicly, but it's my obligation to teach what I have learnt to change the lives of others as well."
Some of Anton's Property Businesses
What Our University Members Are Saying
Thank you so much. So helpful, this is changing lives and is what we all need!!!
- Yves
Please upload more videos. Your content is highly informative, we need more.
- Malibongwe
If only you knew how you just approved something I thought for years. Keep up what yo doing and honestly I will remember your name just because of that 10 sec advise.
-  Tebogo
I really like this. As most of us know the most online videos around investing in property are mostly American. Being a South African it is epic to watch something I can relate to ;)
- Brandon
Can't wait for the next video. This is so great and I'm glad glad glad I found this!
- Tshepo
I wish I came across this 10 years ago, I can't image how different my life would be. Thanks Anton you are a rockstar!
- Leon
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